We scan.
We print.
We seal.

We produce bespoke stoma devices that
fit snuggly around our patients’ stomas

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Completely Personalized
3D-printed from a high-resolution surface scan to completely match the individual
characteristics of a patient’s stoma providing a snug fit that reduces leakage.
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Quality Product
The Customa seal is made from medical polymers and can be washed and reused.
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Easy to Use
Simply place the Customa seal over your stoma and use it in conjunction with your
other stoma products.
Customised medical device to optimise security and comfort for a person living with a stoma
Using precision 3D-scanning, rapid prototyping software, additive manufacturing techniques, and medical polymer technology; we offer customised stomal seals.
So, how does it work?
Step 1


High Resolution Scanning of
Peristomal Region

Step 2


Computer Aided Design and Rapid

Step 3


3D-printed Mould using Additive
Manufacturing Techniques

Step 4


Pour unique Customa Device for a
person living with a stoma

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